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As a customer

Interacting with our system has never been easier

Download the TapPoint app and get ready for a night out you won’t forget! Find the closest locations with a variety of delicious craft beers.

While you’re on the way, read more about the beers and brewers available there and check if the barrels are fresh. That way, you will have a good conversation starter for sure.

When you reach the location, scan the QR Code and get yourself a glass. Clean it using the rinser, start pouring and enjoy your cold and refreshing beer.

As an owner

You can interact with our system through the Business Dashboard

We’ve put years of research into a fully automated, self-service beverage pouring system that allows operators to gain full control over their business and maximize their profits, all the while keeping their customers happy.

Every drop is monitored! You get paid for each ml of poured beer and the best part? Nothing will go to waste. Through the Admin Dashboard, you not only have real-time stock and sales management, but you can also customize the products to your specific business needs.


Top features
customers enjoy

Easy payments

Link your credit card to the app and Top Up your account. Pay at the locations using only the app.

High Control

You can browse and choose anything from the available beers. Not only that, but we also know how important the additional information is. That’s why every beer comes with a small description, details about its ABV and IBU as well as the cost per unit.

Discover new locations,
craft beers and brewers

This is a chance to explore and discover your own preferences. By using the app, you can read more about the beers or brewers you like and to learn about new ones. Find the closest locations that have your favorite beer.

Responsible drinking

Age validation is required. Don’t drink and drive, get a cab through our app to get you home safe and sound.

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